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Catalogue EXCEL 2013/2014

At the end of the last millennium, Excel’s founder Marco Covelli realized that everything that he had professionally believed in until then was dematerializing. The product he produced for so many years appeared devoid of the past but more importantly he could not find a place for it in the years to come.

He had a strong desire for change. The product did not resemble him: it denied all concepts and universally recognized values. It did not reflect closely with his way of being. He was starting to lack the drive and passion to carry on within the profession, there was no consistency with the way he wanted to be.

The old products were modular, manufactured on a large scale. They seemed to romanticize the conception of technology. Geometrical forms with equal margins, straight and uniformed with materials all industrially produced. Smooth aspects pretending to increase expressivity, colours were almost always brilliant and clear. Functionality and utility were their primarily values. The materials perfection and its stability over time was the unique ideal to be pursued, these were all things that for a lover of nature and great expressiveness like himself were in deep contrast to.

He then decided to start searching for a line of unique objects and variables with environmental impact reduced to a minimum, interpreting the romantic conception of nature.

In his mind he needed to create organic shapes with soft undefined edges. The material to be used should be natural and possibly of strong textured appearance. Everything had to adapt to degradation and wear with corrosion and contamination enhancing the expression, tones darker and subdued. The imperfections of the materials were to be the target to pursue.

A meeting with Nicola Frignani “designer of the unreal, master of respectful material use” an incredibly versatile artist, together with talented artisans operating in the area, saw the dreamed project realized in the first months of the new millennium.

The objects within Excel’s collection stand between the past and the future. They go beyond time and fashion. They have been produced with materials that are vulnerable to atmospheric agents and human manipulation. They react with the sun, wind, rain, heat and cold in a language of discoloration, oxidation, stresses and natural patinas.

They live scratches, dents, scuffs and nicks and other deterioration as a natural process of evolution that increases the charm and enriches them of history, memories and emotions. A feeling of being exhausted, fragile and dehydrated almost on the point of dematerialization, but manage to preserve intact temperament and personality. Their vivid colours dissolve to earthy hues and shades of sunrise and sunsets.

Objects created by Excel begin their life when someone starts to take care of them, in their evolution the idea of fulfillment is absolutely unattainable.

Today, after twelve years of hard work our spirit and soul is still constantly full of passion and our goals in front of us are as extremely precise and defined as they were in the beginning.