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Dear Friends,

For over 10 years Artègo has been a trusted partner of thousands of hairdressers around globe. The hairdresser is at the center of our world: we work for them and with them
in order to satisfy the beauty needs and requirements of their clients.
That’s why Artègo formulates, develops and produces the products that we do. We know how to inspire the best hairstylists in the business by offering them innovative products and instruments, colors that attract the light and forms that define the moment.

The following collection is dedicated to hairstylists and colorists who know how to grasp the importance that hair color and form have for their clients. Color highlights and the light they generate can in fact profoundly alter the perception a woman has of herself and in so doing increase self-confidence. We are the ones who should be able to make clients feel at ease, perceive and understand their needs and tastes, and interpret the latest trends as well as their most intimate desires. In other words we must be able to provide the very best.

Artègo has created this book in order to offer a source of inspiration for hairstylists which will allow them to influence the personality and character of their clients and accompany them on the path of beauty: ideas and suggestions that will help clients feel better about themselves, fascinating and attractive.

It’s no surprise that a salon that knows how to offer the potential of Artègo color succeeds in satisfying the desires of clients.

Artègo, your professional company.